List of Courses

SNO Branch Code Branch Name
1 AKPG093 M.Sc. Food Science and Technology
2 ANUPG040 M.A. History
3 AUPG138 M.Sc. Psychology
4 JKPG102 M.Sc. Applied Mathematics (DATA SCIENCE)
5 PG001 M.A. English
6 PG002 M.A.English Language and Literature
7 PG003 M.A.Linguistics
8 PG004 M.A. Philosophy
9 PG005 M.A. Human Rights & Duties
10 PG006 M.A. Gender Studies
11 PG007 M.A. Women Studies and Management
12 PG008 M.A. Adult Education
13 PG009 M.A. Telugu
14 PG010 M.A.Telugu Language, Literature and Translation
15 PG011 M.A. Comparative Dravidian Literature
16 PG012 M.A. Sanskrit
17 PG013 M.A. Hindi
18 PG014 M.A. Urdu
19 PG017 M.F.A. (Sculpture)
20 PG018 M.F.A. (Painting)
21 PG019 M.F.A. (Print Making)
22 PG020 M.A. Kuchipudi Classical Dance
23 PG021 M.A. Karnatic Classical Music
24 PG022 M.A. Mahayan Buddhist Studies
25 PG023 M.A. Journalism and Mass Communication (MJMC)
26 PG024 M.A. Communication & Journalism (MCJ)
27 PG025 M.A. Anthropology
28 PG026 M.A. Sociology
29 PG027 Social Work
30 PG030 M.A. Yoga & Consciousness
31 PG031 Master of Human Resource Management (M.H.R.M.)
32 PG032 Master of Library & Information Science (M.L.I.Sc.)
33 PG033 M.A. Population Studies
34 PG034 M.A. Rural Development
35 PG035 M.A. Performing Arts (Music)
37 PG037 M.A. Music (Violin)
38 PG038 M.A. Music (Vocal)
39 PG039 M.A. Dance(Bharathanatyam)
40 PG040 M.A. History
41 PG041 M.A. Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology
42 PG042 M.A. History (South East Asian and Pacific Studies)
43 PG043 M.A. Ancient History & Archaeology
44 PG044 M.A. History and Archaeology
45 PG045 M.A. Political Science
46 PG046 M.A. Public Administration
47 PG047 M.A. Political Science & Public Administration
48 PG048 M.A. Applied Economics
49 PG049 M.A. Economics
50 PG050 M.A. Econometrics
51 PG052 M.A. Tourism
52 PG054 Master of Commerce (M.Com.)
53 PG055 Master of Commerce (M.Com.) - Accounting & Finanance
54 PG056 Master of Commerce (M.Com.) - Finance Management
55 PG057 Master of Commerce (M.Com.) - Professional
56 PG058 Master of Commerce (M.Com.) - Banking and Finance
57 PG059 Master of Commerce (M.Com.) Retail Marketing
58 PG060 Master of Commerce (M.Com.) - Accounting & Taxation
59 PG061 Master of Education (M.Ed.)
60 PG062 Master of Education (M.Ed.) (I.A.S.E)
61 PG063 Master of Physical Education (M.P.Ed.)
62 PG064 M.Sc. Biochemistry
63 PG065 M.Sc. Biochemistry (Immuniology)
64 PG066 M.Sc. Biotechnology
65 PG067 M.Sc. Marine Biology and Fisheries
66 PG068 M.Sc. Coastal Aquaculture & Marine Biotechnology
67 PG069 M.Sc. Marine Biotechnology
68 PG070 M.Sc. Marine Biology
69 PG071 M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition
70 PG072 M.Sc. Virology
71 PG073 M.Sc. Microbiology
72 PG074 M.Sc. Industrial Microbiology
73 PG075 M.Sc. Applied Microbiology
74 PG077 M.Sc. Home Science (Human Development and Family Studies)
75 PG078 M.Sc. Home Science (Extension Management and Communication Technology)
76 PG079 M.Sc. Home Science (Human Development and Child welfare)
77 PG080 M.Sc. Home Science (MS Food Technology)
78 PG081 M.Sc. (Food Technology)
79 PG082 M.Sc. (Food Technology and Management)
80 PG083 M.Sc. Human Genetics
81 PG084 M.Sc. Genetics & Genomics
82 PG085 M.Sc. Forensic Science-DNA Fingerprinting
83 PG086 M.Sc. Nano-Biotechnology
84 PG087 M.Sc. Environmental Sciences & Technology
85 PG088 M.Sc. Aquaculture
86 PG089 M. Vocational in Horticulture and Landscape Gardening
87 PG090 M.Sc. Animal Biotechnology
88 PG091 M.Voc in Food Processing and Quality Management
89 PG092 M.Sc. Soil Science and Agriculture Chemistry
90 PG093 M.Sc. Home Science (Foods, Nutrition & Dietetics)
91 PG094 M.Sc. Food and Nutrition Science: Food Science and Quality Control
92 PG095 M.Sc. Food and Nutrition Science: Community Health and Nutrition
93 PG096 M.Sc. Food and Nutrition Science: Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
94 PG097 M.Sc. Food Science, Nutrition & Dietetics
95 PG098 M.Sc. Botany
96 PG099 M.Sc. Sericulture
97 PG100 M. Sc Zoology
98 PG101 M.Sc. Anthropology
99 PG102 M.Sc. Applied Mathematics
100 PG103 M.A./M.Sc. Mathematics
101 PG104 M.Sc. Statistics
102 PG105 M.Sc. Applied Statistics
103 PG106 M.Sc. Physics
104 PG107 M.Sc. Nuclear Physics
105 PG108 M.Sc. Geophysics
106 PG109 M.Sc.(Tech.) Geophysics (3 Years Duration)
107 PG110 M.Sc. Marine Geophysics
108 PG111 M.Sc. Physical Oceanography
109 PG112 M.Sc. Meteorology
110 PG113 M.Sc. Material Science and Nanotechnology
111 PG114 M.Sc Nano Technology (Lateral Entry)
112 PG115 M.Sc. Electronics
113 PG116 M.Sc. Electronics (Instrumentation)
114 PG117 M.Sc. Electronics & Instrumentation Technology
115 PG119 M.Sc. Electronics & Communications
116 PG120 M.Sc. Digital Forensic and Informationn Security
117 PG121 M.Sc. Cyber Security
118 PG122 M.Sc. Chemistry
119 PG123 M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry
120 PG124 M.Sc. Environmental Chemistry
121 PG125 M.Sc. Inorganic Chemistry
122 PG126 M.Sc. Chemistry and Analysis of Foods, Drugs & Water
123 PG127 M.Sc. Organic Chemistry
124 PG128 M.Sc. Physical Chemistry
125 PG129 M.Sc. Applied Chemistry
126 PG130 M.Sc. Oil, Fats & Petro Products
127 PG131 M.Sc. Forensic Sciences-Question Documents & Fingerprints
128 PG132 M.Sc. Forensic Science-Chemistry & Toxicology
129 PG133 M.Sc. Forensic Sciences
130 PG135 M.Sc. Polymer Science Technology
131 PG136 M.Sc. Geology
132 PG137 M.Sc. Tech. Applied Geology (3years duration)
133 PG138 M.Sc. Psychology
134 PG139 M.Sc. Counseling Psychology
135 PG140 M.Sc. Clinical Psychology
136 PG141 M.Sc. Computer Science
137 PG142 M. Sc Computational Data Science
138 PG143 M.Sc. Geography (B.A Stream)
139 PG144 M.Sc. Geography (B.Sc. Stream)
140 PG145 M.Sc. Geography
141 PG146 M.Sc. Electronics & Instrumentation
142 PG147 M.Sc. Bioinformatics
143 PG148 M. Sc., Forstry
144 PG149 Solid Waste Management & Pollution Control (Energy, Water, Oil, Gas)
145 PG150 M.A (Applied Lingustics & Translation Studies)
146 PG151 Master of Performing Arts in Theatre, TV & Cinema
147 PG152 M.A Dance (Bharathanaatyam, Kuchipudi)
148 PG153 M.Sc. Data Science
149 PG154 M. Sc Industrial Chemistry